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what to wear {fall} | sacramento family photographer

“What should I/we/they/all of us wear?”

It is probably the most common question I get asked in the planning stages of family portraits.  I have a standard answer I provide (avoid matchy-matchy, too much black or white can wash you out, layers and textures are your friend, etc.) but with that explanation, I don’t have any visuals.  So I thought I’d provide some ideas as jumping off points.  Now obviously, not every family has one older boy and one younger girl.  But as I mentioned these are jumping off points.  Take a look and figure out what you like and why.  Do you like all the color of look number one?  Or perhaps all the patterns and stripes of look number two?  Again, figure out what you like about a certain look and try to recreate that in your own wardrobe choices.  My BEST suggestion, though?  Start with MOM’s outfit and work off that.  Because if mom looks good, she’ll feel good and it will most definitely show in the photos.

A quick aside: notice these aren’t necessarily very fall like.  That’s because here in CA we can pretty much wear these styles year round.  To be on the safe side, though, I suggest layering with leggings, tights, sweaters, swap flip flops out for boots, etc. for the outfits that look a little chilly.  😉

Last but not least, a quick THANK YOU to Corina Nielson for providing these awesome what to wear guides for use on the blog.

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