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I had the opportunity to take photos of a military homecoming for Operation: Love ReUnited last night (otherwise known as OpLove).  I am not an OpLove photographer, but the photographer who was already scheduled for the homecoming couldn’t make it when the airport switched from San Francisco to Sacramento.  I said I’d love to help, and we got the OK from the family for me to be their photographer instead.

Meet Jazmine and Gary.  They are the sweetest couple ever.  Both their families are multiple states away so it was just Jazmine at the airport.  We met a little before midnight – Gary’s flight was scheduled for 5 after.  She and I waited, chatted and waited some more.  Then she got the text that he was on the shuttle, and would be seeing her shortly.  Here’s a video of our short time together…



Gary and Jazmine – Thank you so much for allowing me to be there with you guys last night.  I so enjoyed working on these photos for you.  I hope you both had a fantastic belated Christmas celebration today.  Welcome Home, Gary!


And, for those of you who may be viewing on a phone or some other device not supported by Flash, here are a few of my favorites… 

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