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tiny ballerina in glasses | personal share

My youngest recently started a tiny tot dance class and it is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.  I love putting her chubby legs in her dance leotard each week and sending her into her dance class.  She’s technically supposed to wear a bun in her hair, but… I’m not sure that’s happening any time soon!  The place we go to is pretty strict with allowing viewers and we are not allowed in the class at all.  There is a tiiiiiiiiny window we can watch from but with 8-10 girls in the class and 8-10 parents (and sometimes grandparents) watching at the window sometimes it’s not worth the struggle.  This particular week we arrived a few minutes early and since we are the first class of the day there was no one in the class yet.  So I took the opportunity to take some pictures of my tiny ballerina in glasses putting on her shoes and “warming up.”  Love these and love her so much!



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