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taylor and lindsay | roseville photographer

This cute couple is coming up on their 5th wedding anniversary and contacted me to take some updated portraits for them.  My husband went to high school with Taylor and it turns out we have a few friends in common – What a small world?!  You’ll also notice they brought along their adorable little dog who was the most well behaved pup… until another dog showed up and he got a little too excited to stay focused on the task at hand.  🙂

Anyhow, thanks to a friend of mine, I found a fantastic location with awesome blooming trees.  Lindsay thought it looked perfect for their session, so when I put a call out on my Facebook page asking if anyone wanted a session there, she contacted me right away.  A couple of days later we found ourselves underneath those very same, gorgeous trees.  Perfect timing too!  The rain rolled in the next day.

We had way too much fun at their session!  You can tell because I’m going to share way too many of the finished photos… I’m just in love with all of them, so here it goes!

Thank you Lindsay and Taylor for letting me take your anniversary portraits!  You two were MFEO… (movie reference = 2 pts!)

In the last one, I LOVE how he’s breathing her in.  That, right there, is why I love photography so much.  You can see his emotion.  How much he loves her.

And I can’t conclude their session without sharing one of my favorite photos ever.  This was taken per their request – it is apparently “their move.”  I’ll tell you what, Lindsay’s got some big air in this one!  That’s what dancing your whole life will do for ya!  So glad we got this shot!

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