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In December, I saw a call for three photographers to write articles for a magazine called “Model Life.”  The magazine wanted to do a spotlight of three different photographers, each discussing their preferred method of lighting and feature their work.  I jumped at the chance to do an article on natural light, because that is by far my preferred light and what I primarily use.  I submitted my portfolio for review and was selected to write the article (YAY!).  It was slated to come out in January and I had no idea how fast it would be published…  It came out the first week of January!  My hard copy is on it’s way to my door right now and I’ve got a little sneak peek for you guys with my article.  The intended audience is for parents of children who model; my goal was to give the reader tips on how to use natural light to their advantage when taking photos of their own child.  BUT, that said, even if you’re child ISN’T a model I hope you may find some of these tips useful as well.

(And on a more personal note, can I just tell you that I squealed a bit when I saw my article and photos published….?  Yep.  Pretty exciting!)

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