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I had the privilege of getting together with some local photographers recently at the Bywater Hollow Lavender Farm.  I’m not going to lie – juggling my three kiddos, while also meeting new friends, and keeping my baby out of the pond, and also trying to “be inspired” and photograph pretty subjects was HARD.  I may have gone home afterwards and just cried myself to sleep over the stress of it all (kidding… sort of).  I did still have fun, obviously, and got some images that I think are share-worthy so here they are!  One photographer had arranged for a baby model to be there.  I took some images, of course, because… babies.  But it just reinforced that my heart belongs with lifestyle newborn work (in-home newborn sessions) rather than more posed studio photography.  I’m so happy with where my photography has led me to.  As always, thanks for being here!  XOXO


And I had to include this last one… because it is but a small glimpse of reality.  They’re not on the same focal plane so my son is out of focus, but this is truth.


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