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mastering natural light indoors | roseville lifestyle photographer

Perhaps my biggest passion for photography is photographing my clients in their homes (otherwise known as lifestyle photography).  I LOVE capturing people in their element, doing what they do, with the people they love.  It is H.A.R.D. for me to convince my clients to shoot in their homes, though, so the vast majority of what I shoot (and what you see on the blog) are outdoor sessions.  Many people assume their house must be decorated in a certain way, cleaned a certain way, or lit a certain way but that is simply not the case. A good lifestyle photographer will capture you, your family and your surroundings in the best manner possible regardless of decor or cleanliness.  And, yes, some homes may have low light… But there is really no such thing as “poor” light, only poor use of said light.

And so, to better hone my use of natural indoor light, I took a workshop in November from the fabulous Clickin’ Mom’s forum called Lighting 201: Mastering Natural Light Indoors.  This 4-week, online workshop was amazing to say the least.  I loved every aspect of it and, while these aren’t necessarily “lifestyle” photos, I just wanted to share a few that I took while practicing some of the techniques and principles we went over in class.  Most of these are of my children, there is one self portrait in there, and one of my husband for good measure.  😉


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