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Well last week was a busy one!  We hired a local company to come in and paint our cabinets to help update our kitchen.  In addition to just painting them, they also moved the exposed hinges to the inside of the cabinets which concealed them.  I think that was as big of an update as the paint itself was.  It was a HUGE undertaking and I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of work that was involved.  I was very grateful we had decided to hire this particular project out.  But because I underestimated the scope of the project, I also underestimated the amount of impact it would have on our lives.  Not only did we not have access to our cabinets, but we also didn’t have access to the sink, microwave, or dishwasher!  So I couldn’t make any dirty dishes.  Couldn’t reheat any leftovers from eating out the night before.  Nothing, really.  It wasn’t a HUGE deal (it was only four days) but it was definitely more than I was expecting.  The kids rolled with it great.  My older daughter LOVES any excuse to get hot lunch at school.  😉  Here are some “before” images (I just pulled them from the MLS), as well as some “in progress” shots.  And, of course some “afters.”

And because we like to add more to our plate during times of chaos (apparently) we adopted a dog on Friday!  His name is Hank and I have nicknamed him the “gentle giant.”  I really feel he was meant to be a part of our family, and it’s fate that we wound up with him.  He is the most mellow, sweetest dog I’ve ever met.  He is respectful, walks on a leash SO well, asks to go outside, doesn’t chew or bark or jump… so far he has transitioned into our family better than I could have ever expected.  We are so lucky to have him.  And since we are talking kitchens, I just wanted to share a few of him (with my youngest) in our new kitchen.

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