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liz, part 1 | roseville photographer

Everyone needs a friend like Liz!  She and I can relate to each other on so many levels…  Our husbands are both firefighters.  We are both photographers.  We both have three kids.  She is such an amazing + caring person.  Anyone who doesn’t have a “Liz” of their own is missing out.

She and I arranged a headshot swap so we could both update our websites with some new images, and of course, just for fun!  Every woman needs to exist in photos, so why not?!  Our plans were kind of foiled when both our husbands had to leave for last minute station coverage due to a lot of fires in the area.  But I was dying to shoot, and she has gorgeous property, so instead of going elsewhere and leaving the kids with our husbands (like originally planned) I thought we could try to have the kids play while we attempted some shots.  I was SO pleased with what we got, especially the ones with her son + daughter… But the light wasn’t great due to the smoke in the air, and it was admittedly hard to focus and have fun with 6 kiddos running around.  So we are going to attempt a PART 2 (coming soon).  Here are some of my favorites from our first attempt… XOXOX

*UPDATE*  See Part 2 of her headshots HERE


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