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letters to our children | january

This month I start a year-long project where I write a letter to one of our three children, or sometimes to all three.  It’s a blog circle, comprised of 11 women and we will all write letters to our children each month and link to one another.  At the end of the year, it’s my intention to have the photos and words written up and make a book.  I’m very excited about this project because there will be a real, tangible product produced at the end of it.  I hope you’ll come back each month to see the photos I’ve captured and the stories they tell.  Don’t forget to click over to the next blog at the bottom of this post.

This month I wrote to our oldest, daughter – our middle child – Amelia…

Dear Amelia –

When I first showed you this photo you looked at me and said, “Who’s that?  Is that you, mom?”  I felt like chuckling a bit, and telling you I was wondering the same thing…

Who?  Who IS that?  Surely not YOU.  Right?  My three-going-on-thirteen year old.  When did you get so big?  A friend of mine and I joked that the scarf over your head must be the reason you look so grown up here.  But all jokes aside, you truly are growing up to become such a wonderful girl.  I just love having you around…  You are funny and silly and lovable and energetic and passionate.  Wise beyond your years.  Every day I learn so much from you.  Please, don’t stop teaching me how to be a better mother…  not only to you, but to your brother and your sister as well.  Thank you for telling me when I may have hurt your feelings.  And thank you for reminding me I’d promised to paint your nails.  Don’t ever let me off the hook!  I need the help.  I treasure the lessons I can reflect back on and grow from, all because of you and your sweet spirit.

You are the best little sister to your brother.  You’re always willing to share with him – food, drinks, toys, even clothes.  You try so hard to keep up with him and you do a great job at it!  Likewise, you are such a fantastic big sister to the baby.  Showing her new things.  Explaining what they are and how they work.  I can only hope the two of you grow close as you grow up – a sister is something I never got to have and my wish is for the two of you to be great friends.  Maybe not any time soon, but hopefully one day.

If nothing else, just keep being YOU.  Even if it means you grow so fast that you don’t recognize yourself in the photo.  You have a lot to give to this world and I can wait to watch from my front row seat.  I love you with all my heart.


Don’t forget to click all through the blog circle to read everyone’s letters to their children.  First up is Kristy!  She has gorgeous work.  Head on over to her site by clicking HERE.

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