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letters to our children | february

This year I started a monthly project for which I write a letter to one of our three children, or sometimes to all three.  It’s a blog circle, comprised of 11 fabulously talented women and we will all link to one another.  At the end of the year, it’s my intention to have the photos and words written up to make a book.  I’m very excited about this project because there will be a real, tangible product produced at the end of it.  I hope you’ll come back each month to see the photos I’ve captured and the stories they tell.  Don’t forget to click over to the next blog at the bottom of this post.

This month I wrote to our youngest, baby Kaidy…

Kaidy Louise –

My sweet baby girl!  I can hardly believe you will be 6 months old this month.  SIX MONTHS!  How is that even possible?  Knowing that you are likely our last child, I am wanting to savor your baby-ness that much more, yet I find my time with you is moving faster than ever before.  Six months has flown by in the blink of an eye.  Truly.  With Owen, I would often catch myself saying, “I can’t wait…”  Too often, really.  And with you I’m constantly saying, “Slow down!  I’m not ready for you to move on just yet…”  At not quite six months you: roll over, both ways; talk up a storm; love music and singing; are a mama’s girl (thank you!); don’t sleep; are on the brink of sitting unassisted; love food; enjoy toys; and are really happy with hustle and bustle all around.  Your smile is contagious – it lights up my world!  And your lashes.  Oh those gorgeous lashes!  You will learn how to flirt with those one day soon, I can tell.  At your four month check up you were the tallest of all three of our babies.  It will be interesting to see how you change as you grow… just don’t grow too fast!  Last night was your first night sleeping without a swaddle and you slept great – better than in the recent past.  You LOVED being swaddled just like your big brother, so this step has made me nervous.  But I think transitioning you from the swaddle blanket will be easier than anticipated *fingers crossed*

I feel as though your time with us so far may have gone so fast because you have been sick for most of it.  You cried your way through the first 11 weeks due to an unknown dairy allergy.  Once I figured that out and cut dairy out of my diet, you were much happier!  We had “happy Kaidy” for about a month when you came down with RSV, a second virus, AND an ear infection.  Poor baby!  We spent much of January fighting that battle.  Now, well into February you are my happy girl again.  I’m over the moon that you feel better and am looking forward to watching you blossom into your own little person.

A lot of friends have been asking me how having three kids has been.  And while it’s had its struggles (mostly health related, as I mentioned above) I wouldn’t change it for the world!  You seem to complete our family in a way that I never knew was possible.  Your older siblings are as different as night and day, so going into my pregnancy and delivery with you I thought for sure you’d be most like one of them.  Somehow, though, you’re as different as they come.  You are your own, unique person.  And I love finding out more about you as you grow.  Please don’t stop being a mama’s girl.  I treasure our moments together.    Even if they are at 2am, and 3am, and 4:30am…

I love you to the moon and back, sweet thing…


Don’t forget to CLICK HERE to hop on over to Jessica’s blog to read her letter to her children, and to drool over her beautiful work.  You’ll know you’ve completed the circle when you wind up right back here with me.  🙂

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