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january 10 on 10

This year I’m picking up a new personal project – a 10 on 10 lifestyle project that highlights 10 photos taken throughout a ‘typical’ day (usually spanning 10 hours of the day), posted on the 10th of the month each month.  I’m so excited to be joining a great group of gals for this fun project, and I’m really looking forward to mastering my lifestyle photography skills.  Since this is January, you’re catching the first month of my new project, and I hope you’ll follow along every month with me.  It is sort of a “day in the life” type set up… and at the end of every post you can link to another photographer who I’m doing the project with.  Then from her blog you can link to another, and another, until you’re finally back here with me.  It’s a fun little blog circle similar to my monthly “How I View…” project I did last year.

So without further ado, I give you our day yesterday.  Yes, it’s only month number one and I procrastinated until the very last day to take my photos.  We’ve had a rough start to the year, what can I say?

I started at 8am a little after the kids woke up, right around breakfast time, and getting-dressed time.  My son asked to play angry birds with sister (not on the phone, the actual game) so I set them up in the kitchen for some quick play time before he goes to preschool.

Then it’s off to drop big brother at preschool where I find this hilarious warning – apparently a couple of girls used some scissors from the art cart to give each other hair cuts.  What childhood is complete with out a self-induced makeover??

Later my daughter and I have some alone time at home so we run up and down the hall with the dog.  Isn’t that what you do when you’re home alone?!  (Tech info – this photo is taken at ISO 10,000… I’m all about embracing the grain).

Then back to pick up big bro at school.  I always love seeing the array of artwork waiting for all the parents to take home with them.  (This is an iPhone pic taken with the VSCO cam app).

Dad is home from his 48 hour shift at work when we get back from preschool so the kiddos get to have some quiet time with him.  Angry birds again, this time on the phone.

Then to our favorite store to buy groceries for the week.  Here my daughter helps us pick out the stinkiest of cheeses.

Back home she’s obsessed with washing her hands + brushing her teeth.

Starting to prep dinner.  Tacos were requested by my husband for his special birthday dinner.

Some down time before chow time.

A delicious chocolate cake for dessert.  The big 3-1 for my husband.

Don’t forget to head on over to the next photographer in the blog circle, Liz over at dear lizzie jane… she always captures her family perfectly!!


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