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how i view… {summer} | roseville lifestyle photographer

This is month 7 in my year-long “How I View…” project.
(If you’re new to my blog you can see my other month’s posts – as well as the other 11 photographers I’m doing this project with – by clicking HERE).

I grew up in Southern California so, to me, summer means the beach.  Sand in your hair, and on your food (love that extra crunch it gives!).  The sound of the waves crashing in.  The heat of the sun on your shoulders.  Playing football, frisbee and digging the biggest hole ever.  Anything goes when you’re at the beach… no schedules and no clock to report to.  Even though we live in Northern California now, I hope to get my kids down to So Cal beaches a few times a year (they just aren’t the same once you are north of Santa Barbara!).   This year is no exception.  We took two beach trips on our recent vacation to Southern California and loved every minute of it.  This is summer to me.

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