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how i view… {playtime} | roseville family photographer

This is month 8 in my year-long “How I View…” project.
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This month’s theme is “playtime.”  But I’m going to do a different spin on the word…  This month I’m going to talk about mommy’s playtime.  And sometimes, when you’re a photographer’s child, mommy’s playtime means location scouting.  Sounds like a ton of fun, right?!  Actually, I try to make it fun for everyone involved and I don’t even have to bribe them!  This particular location scouting trip, we all had a blast – we met up with another local photographer and her kiddos at an amazing sunflower field right by the freeway (you’d never know there was a freeway next to this beautiful spot, would you?).  My son was excited at the thought of taking “back to school photos” (he goes back to preschool after Labor Day) and my daughter was thrilled to see some friends and run around.  And while I personally didn’t think the location was well suited for a session with clients, it was a really great way to spend an afternoon.  Here’s a little glimpse into *my* playtime this month…

And how could I forget this little gem?!  We like to call this “blackmail material…”

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