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I talked about two different personal projects I’m taking on this year in this post here.  My weekly P52 project is in full swing and I’ve already had a few posts involved with that…

Today’s post, however, is about my second personal project I’m doing this year.  This project will be a monthly one, my posts will be up on the 2nd of each month (starting with today, February 2nd, which will include pictures from January’s theme).  I’m in this group with 11 other photographers (12 total) and we will each link to the next photographer in our group, making one big, fat blog love circle.  🙂

That said, January’s theme was appropriately listed as “New Beginnings.”  When I think of new beginnings I think of growth and change.  I think of fresh starts.  Obviously the new year is a perfect time for new beginnings – resolutions abound with promises to lose weight, declutter and organize, or pay off debt.  Another obvious link to new beginnings is a birthday.  In January, our family celebrated a very special birthday – my husband’s 30th.  It came and went without much fan fare and that’s just the way he likes it.  We got a sitter for the day and headed into Napa for some hiking and delicious food.  It was such a beautiful, mid-January day.  Who’d have thought we’d have perfect weather?  I couldn’t help but take pictures of all the new growth on the hiking trails… Signs that new beginnings are all around us.  Of course I had to snap one of my older and wiser husband, too.  I’m so proud of him and all that he does to better our family.  In the latter half of last year he lost over 80 pounds.  Talk about new beginnings!


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To continue the big, fat circle of blog love, check out Michelle’s post over HERE.  It will be fun to view this month’s them from 12 different perspectives!

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