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It’s that time again when I link up with some of my CM photog friends to see the way we all viewed this month’s theme… Interesting Perspectives.  This month I really wanted to try and “shoot from the hip” meaning I shoot with my camera almost literally at my hip.  Two of my very favorite photographers (Tara Whitney and Liz Labianca) both have said they love to shoot from the hip and it’s not something I ever feel like I mastered.  This month was fun as I just kind of shot without looking from the viewfinder, and the perspectives I wound up with were really interesting.  Definitely more unique and told more of the story than an average shot.  I still don’t feel as though I’ve “mastered” shooting from the hip but I definitely enjoy it, and although I get quite a few images that went straight to the recycle bin, I really love the ones I did get.

This first one is of the inside of my son’s bounce house that we got for his recent birthday party.  I LOVE this shot.  Just a few of the boys from the party enjoying themselves completely.  I don’t even know if they realized my camera lens was poking inside the door.

This second on is my daughter at an Easter egg hunt.  I love that the focus fell in front of her on the grass – we had a horrible storm come in the night before and the night after the egg hunt, so the grass was really green, fresh and renewed that morning.  All things I relate with spring time and Easter.  And she’s not so out of focus that you miss the main event.  You still get that she’s hunting for those Easter egg’s and you can even still see her signature bed head.  🙂

Don’t forget to see what everyone else in my group captured this month.  First up is Michele… head on over to here blog HERE.  You’ll know you’ve completed the circle when you wind up right back here with me.

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