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This is month 3 in my year-long “How I View…” project
(to see my first two posts – as well as the other 11 photographers I’m doing this project with – go HERE).

As the title indicates, this month’s theme was happiness.  And what’s better than seeing a child filled with happiness?  There’s something so perfect about a happy child.  In the moment, without a care in the world.  Never wanting to stop what they are doing…

Seeing my children happy is one of the best parts of my “job.”  Kissing the boo-boo’s, changing the diapers, calming the whining, prepping the snacks… sure, it’s all fine (well, except for the whining).  But watching them just BE HAPPY is truly the best.  This is how I view happiness.

My daughter and a friend playing “Ring Around the Rosie”

My son being lifted up by his teachers at preschool for his birthday.  I love the joy on his face!

And last but not least, both kids playing peekaboo with their dad on a recent trip to the fire station.  Can you see my husband’s reflection on the door of the rig?  Even he’s beaming at the thought of his kids being happy.

Personally, I consider myself a generally happy person.  I try to view things with rose colored glasses.  And, I try to “bloom” where I am “planted,” so to speak…

But, when I see these pictures of my children and how their happiness just consumes them, I realize I have a lot to learn.   Hopefully this month will be a reminder to me to live in the moment more.  To let happiness consume me.  And just BE HAPPY.

Don’t forget to see how the other photographers in my group view happiness – start by clicking over to Michele’s blog HERE.  You know you’ve completed the blog circle when you come right back here to me.

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