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This is month 6 in my year-long “How I View…” project.
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I can’t believe the year is half-way done.  That can’t be right, right?  Excuse me while I take a few minutes to be in denial about that…

Anyway, this past month was June.  And just as May’s theme was motherhood, June’s theme was fatherhood.  Now obviously I can’t get as personal as I did last month because, well, I’m not a father.  Additionally, my own father died only 4 days after I was born so I never really knew what it was like to have a father (lucky for me I had the best grandfathers around as well as some pretty great uncles).  BUT I do know my husband is one heckuva father to our two kiddos.  Every day I thank my stars I found this man of mine.  He is patient.  Kind.  Hard working.  Patient.  Loving.  Dedicated.  Did I mention patient?  He is simply the best.  And we had a great time celebrating father’s day with him this past month.    Here are just a few photos of what fatherhood looks like in our family.

Fatherhood is…

  1. Taking us out to the ballgame and explaining the rules to our son.
  2. Chasing our two year old all around Yosemite; climbing through a hollowed out redwood with the kids.
  3. Being a good role model to our children (he finished 4th by the way!)
  4. Starting the campfire; playing in the tent.
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