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how i view… close up portraiture

This year marks another year of my “how i view…” personal project.  This year, though, will have different themes than last year and a whole new group of gals (some are the same, but we have some new girls joining the group too).  And while this month we were plagued with lots of sickness and changes affecting our daily routine, I still really wanted to make sure I posted this month.  So here are a few recent favorites of my two kiddos.  {Pssst… don’t forget to scroll to the bottom and click on over to the next photographer in my group and continue to go round the blog circle}

First my daughter being goofy trying on a turkey beanie (what the?!) at the grocery store.  So random, but she loved it…

And my son.  Love him to pieces.

And of course this one isn’t close up (duh) but I can never resist a good wide angle shot.

And last but not least!  Don’t forget to head over to Michele’s blog to see the way she views close up portraiture.  Keep going round the blog circle… you know you’ve completed it when you end up right back here with me.

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