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I have had a Go Pro for over two years at this point, but only used it a couple of times prior to this summer.  But this summer I’ve been using it A TON now that we moved into a house with a pool, and on our recent trip to Florida.  Let me tell you – it is SO FUN!  For reference I have the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver (it was the best one available when we purchased it).  I used it to take a few time lapse videos over Christmas break, and vacation videos when we went to the Dominican Republic last year.  It was fun, but I honestly wasn’t super excited with the footage that I had captured.  So I never did anything with it.  It all sat on my memory card.  But this year, I got a dome (this one, to be exact) which helps push the water away from the camera’s lens so that I can capture 50/50 split, over/under water images (like the ones below) and (as I already mentioned) THAT has been amazingly fun!  If you are in the water a lot, and want to take underwater images, in my opinion a Go Pro is a must, as well as the dome (it’s a fairly cheap accessory that gives you my favorite perspective when shooting underwater).  If I were buying a new set up NOW I would go with a different version, though.  The Go Pro 5 (which came out since I purchased mine) shoots RAW which would really help with editing underwater skin tones.  So for $30 more, those of you just getting interested in underwater shooting can go that route.  You’d need to purchase a different dome (one that fits the 5) and that can be found here.  With that said, I can’t WAIT to play with mine more more, but for now here are a few of the favorites I’ve taken so far.


These next ones were taken a little later at night with the pool light on and they are so fun!  I love trying new things and just playing around.  AMAZING!



*This post contains affiliate links to the products that I actually own and used to capture these images (or products I would buy if I were just starting out).  Other than that I wasn’t paid, perked or sponsored for this post*

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