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I took the kids out exploring today because the weather was just. that. good.

I couldn’t resist.  So what if we didn’t have anything to do other than go to the gym and preschool.  Both of which were already done for the day.

But, I must confess one thing:  Our little family hates to wear shoes.  We are flip-flop kind of people.  However, I haven’t yet bought flips for either child this year.  So, when we got to our destination, they were begging me every step of the way to go barefoot.  And I let them.

Along the way, my son “hunted dinosaurs” (really he just likes saying he found “dinosaur poop”) and he collected sticks.  His little sister is becoming quite the stick collector herself, however she’s a nondiscriminatory collector.  Meaning we come home with not only sticks, but rocks and flowers, too.  See?  She doesn’t discriminate.  

And so the story goes… We were having fun and I was snapping pictures.

Having fun and snapping pictures until we saw a HUGE pile of even HUGER carpenter ants.  And then I realized my poor children’s feet were bare.

I hurriedly put their shoes back on and high tailed it outta there as fast as I could.  Those things creeped me out.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen ants so big before!  And I’m pretty sure that my reaction will most likely make my kids afraid of ants (even the regular kind) for a long time…

But the pictures were all worth it.  I will treasure these forever.

The days we explored

gathered rocks, sticks and flowers

and hunted dinosaurs.

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