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exploring in the wind | roseville lifestyle photographer

I went out with another photographer friend recently to go location scouting and snap some pictures.  She had something in mind specifically that she wanted to capture.  I wasn’t really feeling it because between the two of us we had 5 kiddos to wrangle, but when we found this red umbrella and her daughter started carrying it I *had to* get out my camera.  So I snapped a few.  Then my toddler said something rude to her and she had a little meltdown, so of course I captured that as well and those are some of my absolute FAVES!  Top it off with some quick head shots for my friend at the very end and I’d call it a successful outing!!  YAY!

Here are some of my favorites from my short time with my camera out.  Thanks for being here!  XOXO


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