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expecting #2 | loomis maternity photographer

I am on a roll lately photographing other photographers… I think 5 of my last 6 sessions have all been fellow photographers.  Let me tell you it is an absolute HONOR when anyone asks me to photograph them + their loved ones, but when it’s another photographer I get butterflies.  As in, I get NERVOUS!  What if I freeze?  What if I make a fool out of myself?  What if we both discover (myself and the photog/client) that I’m a total fraud?!  I know it sounds kind of comical but it’s true.  BUT, my clients are so awesome, and somehow every time I show up to a session (for another photographer or NOT) all those butterflies go away.  I get lost in the details, the moments, and the light.  And then before I know it, it’s time to say “goodbye” and I head home after an amazing time spent together.  We all have so much fun that the whole things ends up being a fast blur of motion and then it’s over.

This session was no exception.  I showed up at their house at the tail end of getting ready.  We hung out and played for a little bit.  Then we headed to some nearby property for some outdoor shots (thanks to my clients’ parents for letting us explore their awesome space!)  We had so much fun, and the light was amazing, both inside and out.  Here are some of my favorites from our time together!  XOXOX


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