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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do outdoor sessions?

Yes, of course!  I LOVE capturing families in their home as it always seems to be the place you feel most comfortable.  But I also understand the benefits of an outdoor portrait session.  If you take a look at the blog, you'll see lots of sessions, both indoors and out.  I approach both types of session very similarly... not a lot of posing, just a lot of fun! My goal is always to capture connections, rather than the environment. So really, it doesn't matter WHERE we are. That also means it doesn't matter how clean or decorated your house is. Because that's not my focus... my focus is on the people. Outdoor sessions are a little more "posed" (only because there are no toys to play with or furniture to climb on) and a little less "real-life." But I still capture a lot of connection, emotion, and in-between moments that reflect your family. Both sessions are priced the same, so in the end it's really up to you.  

what should we wear?

This is probably the #1 question I get from people.  My answer?  Start with what mom is going to wear (most likely that's you reading this right now).  Pick something you feel fabulous in and build everyone else's wardrobe around that.  Try to shop your own closet - there's no need to break the bank here!  Layers, patterns and textures all do a really great job of helping clothes blend together without necessarily matching. Wear what you would all be wearing on a regular day at home or out and about.  That will ensure everyone feels most comfortable.  Stiff new clothes are often uncomfortable for little ones.  The key is: If everyone FEELS great, they will LOOK great too!  If you're doing an in-home lifestyle session, it also helps to take a look at your decor.  If you decorate with a lot of neutrals and almost a monochromatic feel, you'll want your clothing choices to reflect that.  Same goes if your home is bright and vibrant.  You've selected your home decor because that's what you're drawn to, so why not reflect that in your clothing choices as well?

Do you offer mini sessions?

Because of the way I direct a session in a very unposed manner, mini-sessions aren't really my thing. BUT of course I understand the desire for a "sit and smile for the camera" shot, (typically around the Holidays for cards). So, by popular demand, I do offer annual mini-sessions in the early fall.  These sell out every year, and very fast.  Please make sure you follow my Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.  I usually post mini session info in the summer months.  

What happens after the session?

After the session, I will post a sneak peek collage on Facebook, and probably a few individual images on Instagram (Let me know if you don't want me to share on social media).  Then, about two weeks after your session, I'll send you a link to your online gallery where you can view and download all the fully edited, high-resolution images (at least 50, quite often much more).  My session fees are simple and all-inclusive, meaning the digital files are yours to keep forever and you have standard printing rights.  Because of this, however, it is VERY important that you back up your images.  Burn them to a disk and store it in a safe place.  Use a cloud service to back them up online.  Or, do both!  Please note, I retain full copyright of all my images.  

Have more questions?

I try my hardest to be an open book and answer any questions you may have, but if you have any more that I have not addressed (or you just want to chat!) feel free to email me!  I look forward to hearing from you!