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In July we moved!  So things have been bit quieter than normal (aside from my goal to blog weekly)… In addition to the back-to-school madness that ensued last month, I have been having the best time turning this house into a home that feels more like “us.”  Now that it’s starting to get there I’m really looking forward to capturing our every day within these spaces.


I have been showing parts of the process on IG stories and I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback about those, so I thought I’d do a blog post of one of my favorite rooms in the house – the front room.  I included some “before” photos (from when the previous owners were here – I just snagged them off MLS) and the current “in-progress” photos.  These rooms aren’t done by any means, but they are well on their way so I figured I’d share.  I also have product specs and links included, as well!  As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments!  XOXOX

*Some affiliate links below!


“Before” photo is on the left, and current (or “in-progress”) on the right.  Wall color is Bistro White by Valspar.  It’s warmer on the right side of the room than the left because the sun was rising on that side of the house.  It’s a very neutral white and I love it.  It feels SO clean!  Tweaks that I still want to do in here include woven shades instead of blinds, curtains, new light fixtures, hiding the TV cords, and a leather piano bench instead of the one that came with the piano.


Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig – RC WILLEY; Similar one HERE and HERE
Jute Rug – TARGET
Layered Rug – WAYFAIR
Futon Couch – RC WILLEY (no longer available)
Black and White Lumbar Pillow – TARGET
Blanket Ladder – PEPE AND CAROLS

2017-09-16_0003Again, “before” is on the left, and “in-progress” is on the right.  In here I want to make a few similar tweaks as the other angle – new modern ceiling fan, woven shades instead of blinds, curtains, and picture ledges for art and photos above the couch.  I’m most excited about the ledges – can’t wait to get all our pictures displayed!


Couch – RC WILLEY (it’s their super versatile “Choices” line, we chose the cushions, arms, legs, layout and fabric)
Rug – Rugs USA via AMAZON
Coffee Table – TARGET
Throw Pillows – POTTERY BARN (HERE and HERE), BED, BATH & BEYOND (HERE), and TARGET (no longer available)
End Table, Small Cabinet, Round Glass End Table – HOMEGOODS
Woven Stool – THRIFTED

2017-09-16_0004Probably my favorite view… the piano room.  “Before” on the left and “in-progress” on the right.  My middle daughter has really taken a liking to the piano.  I can’t wait to start actual lessons for her (and hopefully my son as well!).  Again tweaks in this room include new lighting, window coverings (woven shades and curtains), as well as painting the doors and trim to match (they aren’t the same shade as the baseboards and crown moulding, which we didn’t notice until we painted the room white! LOL!)

SOURCES (most of these are the same as the first photo above, but I linked any new ones):

Round Mirror – TARGET
Entry way rug + table, footstool, swivel chair – HOMEGOODS
Gold & Marble Side Table – TARGET (no longer available)

Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the huge help I had from Erin at Kismet House.  I enlisted her help for an eDesign board for the space so that I could focus on other rooms of the house.  She had an amazing intake process where I could list any items I already had for the space as well as my overall vision… I knew I wanted to paint the walls white, we already had both the couches, the piano (which I told her about) and lots of other smaller pieces that are still in the room.  And while I haven’t followed it EXACTLY (I’ve been trying to work with those smaller things we already had), it has been such a huge inspiration in pulling the items together (for example, I never would have thought of layering those rugs! And my desire to find a leather piano bench stems from those leather stools in her design.)  She is so fun to work with and has not complained once as I message her with updates to our space!  I’d still like to eventually clad one wall with shiplap, I’m just not sure when we will have the time to do that.  Here’s a glimpse at what she provided for our space:

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.08.13 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.08.43 PMScreen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.09.18 PMSO!  If you’re looking for this type of service RUN to her website and check her out!  You will not be disappointed!  🙂

Here’s a look at all three angles again, this time bigger and better!


If you like these posts about the new house, let me know!  As I mentioned, they’ve been a big hit on IG stories so if you want more of these on the blog, as well, I’ll be sure to share as I complete more spaces.  It might be a while before the next one though… mama needs a break from all this decorating!  😉

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This past weekend my family and I had the privilege of traveling to Santa Barbara County for my cousin’s wedding.  All three of my kids were a part of the special day – my oldest as an usher for his GG (my grandmother), and the girls as flower girls.  It was such a special weekend filled with love, family and fun!  While we were there, another cousin of my asked if we could take some family photos (her girls were also flower girls in the wedding).  I have wanted to get my camera on them for a while so of course I said yes!!  😉  We tried (and failed) to take photos twice earlier in the weekend.  Once was too dark, and the other time was too cloudy.  Third time was the charm, though, because the morning we all left we headed out to a random spot in the hotel parking lot and made some beautiful pictures!  Just goes to show you it doesn’t matter the location – you can find beauty anywhere!  Here are a few of my favorites from our little mini session.  As always, thanks for being here!  XOXOX


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This family!  I can’t really say enough great things about this family.  I’m not really sure how they found me, but I’m so glad they did!  Mom contacted me to do a half indoor/outdoor session right around their sweet girl’s 1st birthday.  We got together to watch the sun rise at a park near their house and just when the sun got a bit too bright we headed back to their place for some indoor lifestyle images.  These are the types of sessions that make my heart sing!  A little bit of posed goodness with that glorious light, and then a little bit more real life stuff back at home.  Here are a LOT of my favorites from our time together.  As always, thanks for being here!  XOXOX


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I have had a Go Pro for over two years at this point, but only used it a couple of times prior to this summer.  But this summer I’ve been using it A TON now that we moved into a house with a pool, and on our recent trip to Florida.  Let me tell you – it is SO FUN!  For reference I have the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver (it was the best one available when we purchased it).  I used it to take a few time lapse videos over Christmas break, and vacation videos when we went to the Dominican Republic last year.  It was fun, but I honestly wasn’t super excited with the footage that I had captured.  So I never did anything with it.  It all sat on my memory card.  But this year, I got a dome (this one, to be exact) which helps push the water away from the camera’s lens so that I can capture 50/50 split, over/under water images (like the ones below) and (as I already mentioned) THAT has been amazingly fun!  If you are in the water a lot, and want to take underwater images, in my opinion a Go Pro is a must, as well as the dome (it’s a fairly cheap accessory that gives you my favorite perspective when shooting underwater).  If I were buying a new set up NOW I would go with a different version, though.  The Go Pro 5 (which came out since I purchased mine) shoots RAW which would really help with editing underwater skin tones.  So for $30 more, those of you just getting interested in underwater shooting can go that route.  You’d need to purchase a different dome (one that fits the 5) and that can be found here.  With that said, I can’t WAIT to play with mine more more, but for now here are a few of the favorites I’ve taken so far.


These next ones were taken a little later at night with the pool light on and they are so fun!  I love trying new things and just playing around.  AMAZING!



*This post contains affiliate links to the products that I actually own and used to capture these images (or products I would buy if I were just starting out).  Other than that I wasn’t paid, perked or sponsored for this post*

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Last year about this time, I was in Seattle with some amazing photographer friends.  We went for Click Away 2016 where I had the honor of teaching for the third year in a row.  This was the BEST year yet (they keep getting better and better!).  I had never been to Seattle before (as had many of my roommates) so we planned extra time before and after the conference for exploring, sightseeing and of course, photographing.  We kicked off our trip with a tour of Creative Live Studios (which was AMAZING!).  Throughout the week we went to Post Alley, Pike Place, the Great Wheel, Chihuly Gardens, Gum Alley, and so much more.  Since I got so behind on blogging I never posted any of my images.  Here are some of my favorite personal photos from my time in Seattle (I’ll be catching up and posting all my session photos from Seattle shortly!).  As always, thanks for being here!  XOXOX


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