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I'm Danielle and I'm a natural light, lifestyle family photographer specializing in capturing beautifully honest families. And I LOVE what I do. That image of me + my youngest up there ^^^ was taken by our resident 6 year old. It's out of focus, but I love it just the same. Life's a little blurry + messy sometimes, just like this image, and I'm not sure I'd want it any other way!

I am a California native - born in So Cal and moved up north for college. After I graduated, I realized how hard I fell in love with Northern California so I stuck around. Just a few short months after that I met my husband. The rest is an honest to goodness blur. Here we are almost 12 years later, with 3 kids and a dog living in the burbs of Sacramento.  

I love Diet Dr. Pepper. Cooking. Working out. Playing golf. Shopping. Traveling. Binge watching Netflix. And, of course, spending time with my family. Our rescue dog eats/steals all our toddler's food, yet she's still the size of a kindergartner (the toddler, not the dog). I am an extroerted introvert with the worst case of black thumbs you've ever seen (black thumbs = opposite of green thumbs). I have a strange phobia of ice, and use far too many exclamation points (I've deleted about ten from this paragraph already).  My kids beg me to stop singing along to the radio, so I have officially given up on my pursuit to be the next American Idol. I shoot with a Nikon D700, and an evergrowing list of lenses (my current faves being my Sigma 35 Art, and my Nikon 24-70).  Sometimes when I get a wild hair, I'll shoot a roll of 35mm film.  

OK enough about me... Now I want to get to know you + your people, and then make some beautiful pictures.  I'm SO looking forward to hearing from you!

a few of my favorite things

Trips to the fire station
Clean Sheets
Pretty Light
Love Notes from my son
Stroller Naps

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