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2014 wrap up

At the risk of sounding extremely cliche, there are really no words for me to describe how amazing 2014 was.  Personally, I feel like I finally hit my stride with three kids.  We moved into a new home that is small and quaint and everything I always hoped it would be (I’m hoping to blog some photos from our new space soon!).  We are healthy and loving our time together as a family.  Professionally, I had amazing clients (per usual).  I spoke at my very first photography conference… and liked it!    I photographed an endless amount of families, babies and a handful of weddings.  I stayed busy, but not too busy.  I feel like I managed my time well and referred a lot of clients out so I didn’t feel overworked.  I learned how to say “No” and my family is very grateful.  And so am I.  I’m so grateful for all the personal and professional strides I’ve made this year.  I’m so grateful for all of YOU who support me here on the blog, and on Facebook, and everywhere!  I’m so grateful for all of it.  Thank you so much!

I hope you had an equally amazing year, and wish you all the best for 2015.

And because a post isn’t complete without some pics, here are some photos from this year…

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