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100 days of summer | personal share

We’ve been having a really busy summer this year with lots of exciting things going on, so why not add one more thing to my plate?  Haha!  I decided to do a photo-a-day project for 100 days this summer, appropriately called “100 days of summer.”  I started once my oldest was out of school – it just didn’t “officially” feel like summer when he was still gone so much.  Since then it’s been hot (very hot) so we’ve actually spent much of our time indoors trying to avoid melting.  I’ve attempted, and failed, many of these photo projects (daily 365, or weekly 52).  For whatever reason I get burnt out and never finish.  But here we are about a third of the way through summer and I’m still going strong!  I’ve been posting each day’s pictures on my instagram feed.  Follow me on instagram to see the daily pictures.  A group of us have been using the hashtag #100_summerdays so if you click that it’ll take you down the instagram rabbit hole, and you’ll see some pretty amazing eye candy.  Here are our first few weeks of summer, as seen through my photo-a-day…


summer storm | too hot for sidewalk chalk | one of the last ones left | this way to swim | dreaming of hawaii | sprinkler fun | planning the next vacation


location scouting | blueberries and bathing suits | little girl, big trucks | at the farmer’s market | lazy day | puzzle time


she’s obsessed with water | pineapple princesses | look up | block party | last day of swim | cardboard races


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