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100 days of summer | part 2

My “100 days of summer” project is still going strong!  We are technically in our last week of summer break here – my 2 big kids go back to school next week.  I’m a little worried that my project will suffer a bit, but we will see how I fare.  I’m two thirds of the way done with 100 days.  I foresee lots of pictures of the baby and lots of soccer pictures in the last few weeks of my project (we started practice this week…)

Anyhow, here is our last month and a half, summed up in one photo a day.


scooter break | barely enough hair | rolling in | interrupted nap | on daddy’s shoulders | lowlight escape


road trip | pool ball | at the cabin | farmer’s market | my family | YAY! for summer | tahoe canoes


swing fun | ice cream break | pudgy arms and hands | dr’s appt | friend’s new baby | friend’s new puppy | helping with lunch


at the mall | cement slides | art lessons by mia | storm trooper play date | shadows | “pop” | geocaching


playing peekaboo | visiting the goats | drawing like sister | made at cooking camp | lots of phones! | at the carwash | luau party time


just like cotton | “i did it!” | popcorn monster | kings of the mountain | PUBLISHED! | potty training in style | bubble fun

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